Saturday, October 17, 2015

Surprsed indeed.

I was researching something online when lo and behold, I came across the old blog. I am surprised it is still out there in cyberspace. Though I have started and cancelled many blogs over the years, and currently, but seldomly, blog at, it was a little surprising.

Maybe I can get motivated to write on both sites, or even share some ideas with both sets of readers (hope springs eternal).

I have just spent my second week of Fall Break goofing off and working on research materials on my laptop. It has been a while since I had organized my myriad files of materials, and so I am glad that much more order is emerging. I have not watched much TV this past couple of weeks. It is hard for me as I am a big Movie fan.

The Reformed preaching conference I attended las weekend in Elizabethtown, KY went very well. There were some great messages by several speakers. I was truly privileged to be among the participants.

Tomorrow's sermon is on Matthew 7:13-14: Thee Two Gates, Ways, and Ends. With some help from Psalm 1, this should be some exhilarating material. May God's grace be magnified and may our hearts be subdued to worship and obey His call on our lives.

See you soon,


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